Mobile Operator: Vodafone Uk Ltd

Location: Plymouth

The owner also owns:
Other phone number options 01110234243:
0185083575 An unfamiliar number called. They offered to install new double-glazed windows or replace the old ones. Well, repair accordingly. They said that this was a decision of the Council of Ministers. They are on the black list! It's a pity if the old people are divorced
0112228178 Tired of calls from this number. Everyone tries to get to know me. Thinks I'm Paula Sanders
0186425385 Advertising for legal advice. They seem to be literate, but they order illegal advertising.
0123672516 High-quality plumber. Works conscientiously. I changed the filters in the bathroom + the coil in the kitchen. One minus is a big queue for his work, I waited 2 weeks
0128974971 Some madman is calling
0206768666 Something, but I don't need a new car! Especially on leasing. Especially Bentley)
0121493379 I want to write my review about the car repairman Alexander. He works in garages in the north of London, but he does quality work, he buys the necessary spare parts at a good discount, he gives a guarantee. I did the suspension and some little things - everything was quick and successful. Well done!
0124467976 They are spamming from this number. They offer to make a website from scratch for my business. But I don't even have a business. It will be - maybe I'll contact ;)
0201684833 A girl calls, offers high-quality toilet water from Canada. When I say that it is not necessary, she offers repair of double-glazed windows. Horror,
0127066322 They invite me to a dog show from the room. This is how they describe what I really wanted. Maybe I'll get out with the children.
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